Monitor your aquarium over the internet using the built-in web server!

Introducing Doctor Aquarium software, an innovative aquarium automation assistant that will help you with the most challenging repetitive aquarium tasks automatically. Doctor Aquarium monitors the health of your aquarium and takes actions so it will not get sick. No one can watch over their aquarium all the time. Every one, gets a little lazy and negligent with their aquarium chores, and then disaster can follow. If you are sleeping, away at work or enjoying your vacation, Doctor Aquarium can save the life of your aquarium! even when you are not there.

Doctor Aquarium

Doctor Aquarium is low cost, professional aquarium monitoring and control software package for Windows XP, 2000, and NT that will help you automate the most challenging repetitive aquarium tasks! From the comfort of your computer chair, or across the world, control and monitor important aquarium parameters like temperature and pH using the inexpensive DrDAQ data acquisition board, and control your Pumps,Heaters,Lights remotely using standard X10 home automation modules.

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Combine DrAquarium with AquariumLab our new aquarium tracking program :

Doctor Aquarium - Data Acquisition and Control Software
CalendarPad Designed for both salt and fresh water aquarium, Doctor Aquarium Can monitor important aquarium parameters like pH, Temperature, Light Levels, and can take immediate action to stabilise your aquarium, or at least warn you of the problems.

The Doctor Can :
  • Measure pH, Room Temperature, Hood Temperature, and Aquarium Temperature Light Levels, Sound Level, Voltage, and Resistance via DrDAQ sensors.
  • Turn on a fans if tank temperature is too high
  • Simulate solar cycle by turning on lights in succession at sunrise, and turning them off at sunset.
  • Simulate a lunar cycle by turning on a light at moonrise and dimming in sync with the lunar phase
  • Sound an alarm or send an Email if pH is too low, or temperature is too high
  • Continiously log aquarium sensor data to a file
  • Continiously graph live aquarium sensor data, to daily, weekly, and monthly graphs
  • Simulate natural currents and wave action by cycling pumps or create storm and current surge effects
  • Turn off pumps at feeding time automatically
  • Launch another application or issue a shell command in response to tank conditions
  • Mirror natural temperature cycle
  • Will let you monitor and control your aquarium from the comfort of your computer chair
  • Will let you monitor and control your aquarium over the internet with a web browser
  • Will let you send email reports and alerts about aquarium conditions
  • Keep a log file of your aquarium conditions

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    What is X10?
    Since 1978, X10 technology has been used for home automation and it is so common now, that modules can even be purchased from RadioShack, and starter kits can bought online for less then $50 dollars. X10 technology adapts well for switching aquarium devices and for years has been packaged into the most popular aquarium controllers at much higher prices. The figure on the left demonstrates how a starter kit, along with additional receiver modules can be used to control aquarium devices. X10 is a powerline communication protocol for sending X10 commands to receiver modules. A remote [1] or a computer interface [2] sends a signal to a transceiver module [3] which is plugged into a wall socket. The transceiver module [3] relays command sent from the remote onto the homes power lines. Attached to powerlines (plugged into outlets) are receiver modules [4-8] each with a user set unique address. Each receiver module listens to the powerline and reacts to commands sent to its address. Each module has an aquarium device plugged into it, which it can turn on, or turn off. Special modules called "Lamp Modules" [9] have the ability to dim an indecent light. Used with a blue bulb, or a rope light lamp modules [9], can be used to simulate the phases of the moon.

    What do you need?
    Depending on your monitoring and automation needs, you may want to purchase the following

    For Monitoring:
    1. The DrDAQ Sensor board from
    2. External Sensors pH probe and Temperature probe.
      Both the Temperature probe(s), and a freshwater pH probe can be purchased from DrDAQ. But if you already own a pH probe with a BNC connecter it should work.
    For Automation
    1. X10 starter Kit Doctor Aquarium can control stadard X10 home automation modules using either the Firecracker Kit (cm17) or the Active Home Kit (CM-11) or the Active Home Pro (CM-15A) . All kits are manufactured by X10
    2. Additional X10 modules if you want to control more then 2 or 3 electrical devices.
    Supported Hardware
    DrDAQ Sensor board The DrDAQ Sensor board from can measure pH and 2 Temperatures through external sensors. Both the parallel port and use through a USB adapter are now supported. The Dr. DAQ board has on board built in sensors for :
    • Temperature (builtin temperature sensor)
    • Light Level (builtin Light level sensor)
    • Sound Level (builtin microphone)
    • Sound Waveform (builtin microphone)
    • Voltage Sensor (builtin)
    • Resistance Sensor (builtin)
    • 1 Digital 5V output (software switchable)
    • 1 Red LED (software switchable)

    The FireCracker module (CK17A) from plugs-in to a serial port and can send out signals over the house power line to turn on and off receiver modules.

    The Active Home Pro module (CM15A) from plugs-in to a USB port and can send out signals over the house power line to turn on and off receiver modules.

    The Phidget Relay module (PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4 ) from plugs-in to a USB port and can turn on and off upto 4 devices wired into the relays.
    Direct Link : PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4

    Webcams are supported through the windows Direct X drivers. Dr. Aquarium uses the web cam to capture an images of your aquarium for viewing online.

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